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Hi, I am Chantal...

I am an Educator, Researcher and Intuitive Guide.


I teach my clients on how to hone their inherent gift of intuition so that they can be effective decision makers, overcome obstacles and live the life of their dreams.


Having been through life’s trials and tribulations myself, I understands first hand how to support people through big life & career changes, relationships and unhealthy health habits.


Using my own intuition as a tool, I give my clients effective strategies so that they can experience immediate results in their lives.

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Why I use Intuition as part of my work?

Intuition is a key guide behind knowing yourself fully and living an authentic life. It is our most precious gift and a way to our heart's desire, or what some may call life purpose.


It can bring clarity if you find yourself at a crossroad or when you are faced with difficult questions like :

"Should I stay in that relationship?".....

" What should I do once I graduate?".....

" Should I change career?" 

Living a life in accordance with our intuition can bring a deep sense of peace and satisfaction, alleviating the symptoms of stress, anxiety and even depression. 

Linda Moore

Mother of 3, Grandmother of 3

"At 67, I can attest that listening more and more to your intuition (gut feeling) leads you to better decisions and happier results. I'm glad that Chantal has listened to her inner voice, and that she can help others to do so". 

Pan Jiang

PhD Graduate

"I realize now that I hold the power to make my own decisions, big or small.  Chantal is able to hold space and I felt heard. She listens with grace, respect and an unconditional open mind".

Carly Roberts

Intuitive Guide-NPL Coach

"Chantal is an incredibly knowledgable and gifted teacher. She immediately brings a sense of calm and well being to every room when she is leading her workshops. Not only did she speak from her heart, but she also spoke from a place of deep knowledge and understanding".


I offer individual coaching, as well as group workshops.

Although services vary, decision makingintuition development serves as the central component

"Intuition is perception via the unconscious that brings forth ideas, images, new possibilities and ways out of blocked situations".

- Carl G. Jung

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