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INTUITION is also that SPARK, that CREATIVE nudge, that IDEA that we get when we sometimes least expect it.


Intuition at Work

Looking for a unique and innovative approach for the workplace?  These workshops are designed to optimise communication, well-being and productivity for you and your team. Contact me for more details.

Business Meeting
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Addressed to both students and educators, all workshops are prepared according to curriculum content and tailored for the school's diverse needs. Contact me for more details.


Design for Your Educational Needs

The beautiful thing about intuition is that it can be applied to almost any learning situation or curriculum content. Whether you are a teacher, a guidance counsellor or a parent, intuition development can be used to help students make decisions from a place of consciousness and awareness. Intuition development can be a great approach to managing stress and emotions, as well as serve as a helpful tool to increase motivation, effective communication and focus.


Intuition training can be incorporated into a variety of curriculum such as, but not limited to Indigenous Studies, Career Orientation, Nutrition, Science and Biology.

Duration & Investment :  Contact me for details.


Book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to see how intuition can enhance your students's learning capabilities and your school's wellbeing.


Sophie Lapensée

IB Coordinator, Collège catholique Franco-Ouest, Ottawa

"Chantal a fait un atelier portant principalement sur l'intuition à un groupe d'élèves de 11e et 12e années, dans le cadre de leur cours de Théorie de la connaissance (cours du Programme du diplôme du Baccalauréat International). L'atelier a permis aux élèves de découvrir ce qu'est l'intuition, et d'établir un contact avec leur propre intuition [...]. L'atelier a été très bien réussi et apprécié chez les élèves; nous avons hâte de pouvoir accueillir cet atelier de nouveau dans le cadre du parcours scolaire et personnel des futurs candidats du programme".

Certifications & Trainings

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