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Intuition Teacher & Coach

Intuition Teacher & Coach


Chantal D. Gosselin, M.Sc., B.Ed.

Intuition Teacher & Coach

  • Certified Intuitive Coach - ATMANA Academy

  • Masters in Science - uOttawa

    •  Specialization in Physiology

  • Bachelors in Education - uOttawa

    • International Baccalaureate -  DP Biology​;

    • DP Coordinator

  • Bachelors in Science - uOttawa

  • Certified Yoga Teacher - 200 RYT


What is Intuition?

Intuition is commonly known as the "ability to understand or know something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning".

It can manifest itself as a sensation, a gut-feeling, a sense of knowing without understanding why or how it came to be. It can present itself as an idea that spontaneously comes in the form of a creative spark, a vision or a dream.

Many great minds like Einstein, Steve Jobs and Nikola Tesla have relied on their intuition to birth ideas that lead to great discoveries and inventions.

How I became aware of my own intuition...

I have always been connected to my INTUITION without really knowing it. At first, it came as a sensation in my stomach or in my chest. I consciously became aware of this "feeling"  when the time came to choose my career path. On one hand, I was passionate about teaching. On the other, I was feeling the external pressure to enroll in medical school. I was confused and torn about what to do. I couldn't ignore the excitement I would get after teaching a class. I decided to listen to the voice inside me. You guessed it, I followed that hunch to become a teacher.


As the years went by, I started to feel a sense of discomfort that only grew stronger. As I stepped into my spiritual journey, I realized that I couldn't numb the pain anymore. I knew deep inside of me that something had to change. But what? 

In 2020, I left the country to teach abroad. As I navigated the uncertain times of the pandemic, as well as the adaptations of relocation, I had to rely strongly on my intuition and I developed a strong sense of trust in myself.

I wanted to learn more about intuition. I embarked on a journey of understanding and became a Certified Intuitive Coach through the ATMANA Academy. I have been diving deep into the world of intuition while embracing my love of teaching. It energizes me to transfer the skills and knowledge I have acquired to others, as they gain confidence in their own intuitive skills to support them in their decision process. I am honored to educate and support others along their own personal journey.   

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Work Experience

January 2013 - Present

September 2019

September 2011-2020

September 2006 - April 2009

Teacher & Researcher

I have been an IB Biology teacher for most of my career. I also took the responsibility of an IB & CAS Coordinator for some of these years. 

I taught many subjects such as physical education, psychology and nutrition. After teaching in an international school in Bogotá, Colombia, I found myself back in my home country in "Beautiful British Colombia". I am currently serving as a school and yoga teacher, while offering my coaching services individually and in group workshops. I also work part time as a researcher, as I continue to fulfill my curiosity and desire for knowledge.

Leadership Camp Counsellor - SFOFEL

I had the pleasure to get certified and serve as a camp counsellor, guiding french speaking (ben ouin je suis bilingue!) high school students from all over the province of Ontario, to be Leaders in their own environment.

Outdoor High School Guide

I had numerous occasion to lead and accompany students in canoe camping outings and outdoor education activities. I saw first hand the benefit allowed by the calm and stillness of nature. This helped students connect with themselves and each other, increasing awareness and reducing stress. 

Student Mentor - uOttawa

During my undergrad, I had the pleasure to mentor fellow students enrolled in the Faculty of Health Sciences. I served my peers as a study group leader, as well as a guide in their academic and self discovery journey.

Certifications & Trainings

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