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Why choose a coaching program?

Individual Coaching Services

All of my services serve the same mission

to guide individuals in the discovery of their intuition, allowing them to make decisions that are aligned and resonate with their true self.


Click on each services offered below for a detailed description

"This course improved my decision making ability by helping me tap into my feelings and intuition. Chantal was skilled, well prepared, helpful, supportive and kind throughout the course and used a number of different practical techniques to help me dig in and make progress. She was also willing to go deeper into different areas and be flexible to help me get the maximum benefit. I recommend this course to help with your decision making and overall happiness”.

- Anonymous client

Intuitive Discovery

Discover Your Unique Abilities

This is the perfect introduction to the concept of intuition and the unique methods to develop what is already within you. Learn about the different types of intuition and how it can be a useful tool in many areas of your lifeTake a dive into growing your intuitive ability with a fun and holistic approach. Everyone has intuition. And just like a muscle, it can be trained!

This program is for you if :

- You are curious and want to learn more about intuition

- You already know about intuition, but want to develop yours

- You want to make decisions with more confidence  & clarity

Duration : 8 weeks

Includes : 

- Individual sessions;

- Intuition development tools, tailored to your needs;

- Progression journal;

- Direct support with check-ins outside of sessions.

Ready to discover your unique intuition? Book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to see if this program is your best fit.  

Before I started the  program, I didn't know what I was doing. Why I had so much time, but nothing was getting done. I couldn't even name my feelings [...] using intuition and images from my heart was helpful. I realize now that I hold the power to make my own decisions, big or small.  Chantal is able to hold space and I felt heard. She listens with grace, respect and an unconditional open mind. "

Pan Jiang, PhD 

Forest Road

Intuitive-U Program

A Journey to Self

Master your confidence to make decisions through the Intuitive-U Method. This method is a complete approach to the decision-making process.


Using four pillars, you will embark on this journey to Self and remove blocks that are holding you back. Discover the best way for you to handle those important life choices in a practical way

This program is for you if :

- You are ready to remove any blocks that are holding you back

- You are ready for a journey to Self discovery

- You are seeking complete guidance and support 

- You have done the Intuitive Discovery Program (see above) and want to dive deeper*.

*Not exclusif, as the Intuitive Discovery Program is integral of the Intuitive-U.

Duration : 3-4 months 

Includes :

- Individual sessions;

- Intuition development tools, tailored to your needs;

- Progression journal;

- Direct support with check-ins outside of sessions;

- Complementary numerology reading.

Not sure if this is for you… but wish you did?

Start trusting yourself today and book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call.

Coaching and proper guidance is important when you are starting to tap into your intuition, especially when it comes to making big life decisions”.

Chantal D. Gosselin,

Intuition Teacher & Coach

Certifications & Trainings

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